Thursday, 2 October 2008

squirrels and burgers

tonight i went on my weekly ride with mike (we have now done it twice). during our ride, mike ran over a squirrel. i think the squirrel was okay, i saw it get hit by the first and second tire, and then it just kept running.

later, after a month of wanting a hamburger, (and 10 years of being burger free) i decided to scratch the itch. we went to the good stuff eatery. it lived up to its name. we got 2 burgers, the obama burger and the double cheese (or something). obama is blue cheese, mushrooms, carmalized onions, and horseradish mayo. the cheese one was munster and cheddar, with onions adn something else. both were really good and the burgers weren't huge which was nice. we also got onion rings and french fries, and mike got a shake. it was delish. until about the last 2 bites and then it all started to hit me. i have been kinda blah since eating it. just all the energy is going to digest all the grease.

so i am sworn off of burgers. i can't see the point. i am sure the stuffed portabello would have been just as yummy (if not yummier) and made me feel better.

i forgot my camera, mike took some photos with his phone. hopefully he will send them to me. and then i can post them.

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