Friday, 10 October 2008

Phnom Pehn II

Kimberly and I had nothing to do in Phnom Pehn but shop and eat. So we started at this market with the Vietnamese dishes.

Kimberly took hours deciding what plates and bowls and pitchers to get. we got beautiful stuff, and our suitcases were super heavy going home.

looking awesome in a tuk-tuk.

We're just wandering around our hotel neighborhood. i have no more clean clothes, b/c they all smell like the campfire from the Hmonging adventure.
also they did something weird when we got them cleaned. all of our clothes smelled like campfire, even the ones that didn't go camping. it was like they just milled all the clothes around in fire. do you think that they use smoke instead of water in cambodia?

super-funky cambodian architecture.

we snuck into this temple complex.

This extremely communist sculpture was a gift from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

a night-time water show in one of the squares. it's a fountain with lights. Much cooler in real life than in these photos, sadly.

this is the royal palace, Kimberly's and my one concession to our sight-seeing obligations.

shiva the destroyer? or Buddha? It's hard to know.

we stayed in a "slow food" hotel, where everything was fresh and delicious. I overate every single meal.

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