Sunday, 14 February 2010


we all woke up the next morning with minor injuries. my boss told me "you aren't 7 anymore". it is true, but i am never going to stop living life and fully as someone who is 7 does. i, frankly, think the injury came out of a one of the curses of experience: you know the potential for pain, so you tense up for it. had i just been relaxed, which i did for the extra rides i took post-injury, i would have never been hurt in the first place.

being in your 30's means you know that you can get hurt, but doesn't mean you have to live in fear of it. why can't it also mean, you understand that healing happens??

anyway, here are some fun photos and the video is going to soon be a classic :)

the sled master arrives
& the crowd goes wild
luckily, because i am the best,
i only have to come to half of practice

joe at the top of the practice run

please notice jessica's perfect toboggan birthing position

perfect 10 for leg extention

moving into forward luge technique

catching BIG air

jess is the our Qst toboggan olympic team's
best hope !
the level of difficulty for that full body twist,
face plant dismount is hard to explain
just trust me

if that isn't the grimice of an olympic champ,
i am not sure what is

Q st's male sledding champ!

teabelly giving the tobaggan a ride
please note the amazing scissor legs
and this isn't even my sport
i am a sledder

attempting a toboggan trick

except for the rotation of my legs
that was an awesome 180°

best of all the action shots!

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