Saturday, 6 February 2010


it is still snowing. it has been 24 hours...

i decided i would catch up on blogging and uploaded 200+ photos from my camera. i will work back in time, because i think the now is better than the past (so zen!)

last night jess and joe came over for the costco pizza i bought. we were supposed to play bananagrams, but instead just talked, read the farmer's almanac, and watched parks and rec. as they were leaving for some reason i said "10 bucks for you to go home in your skivies" and without hesitation joe started taking off his sweater. in all honesty, i was just sayin'.

jess sharing her dismay

and the marine takes off

joe is in there somewhere... i can't see him tho
they just live 2 doors down, so he survived
but you can get an idea of how much snow is falling

just before i went to bed i measured the snow on the back porch = 11"

please note the angle of this icicle
the snow had been blowing at that angle most of the day
by the time i took this foto it was almost blowing sideways
a true blizzard!

this is my precise measuring tool
i measured in 3 places that i hoped were about the average spot
there are some mounds of snow, i measured where it looked more even
hard to image doing yoga out there . . .

apparently 156K peeps in the area are without electricity . . . my house is fine.

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Alyson said...

Jim needs a listen in how to NOT strike panic in others. This is the BEST video ever.