Saturday, 13 February 2010

what some called SNOVERKILL -- i called PARADISE

i think the whole metro area felt like it was time to drop the "sno ____" puns. and i have to say, i did not feel like the 2 wave was overkill at all! I LOVED IT. i am pretty sure it was my first blizzard. it was so awesome, i really hope it was not my last!!!

this is the snoverkill meets paradise soundtrack:

i do have to qualify this a bit the limitation of iMix's is that only songs you bought on iTunes can be shared so . . . the mix starts with:

  • walk out to winter -- aztec camera
  • geppetto -- pinback
  • l'isgone -- musiq child
  • salvdor sanchez is miss me blind -- boy george

this is what it looked like out my window when i woke up . . . seriously, so hard to capture

i decided to go to yoga
one of my favorite things about yoga district,
in addition to awesome teachers,
is that everyone lives in the neighborhood
so no blizzard would keep people from
(see what i mean?)

after getting BEYOND bundled,
this is what it looked like out my door.
please note that i have a 5" step into my house
also note the drift at the door

the walk to the studio
(4.5 blocks)
i had to keep my eyes closed most of the time
i needed ski goggles
my sun glasses just didn't cut it
and the snow was blowing so flippin hard it hurt
but was also super awesome

i have to say,
yoga was awesome! and i am so glad it was there for me
but my body needs cardio at least every other day
by day 7 i was ANTSY!

this is what it looked like on my way home from yoga
i was going to go to timor
(which i heart)
but it looked closed
and walking the extra block there and then having to walk back
seemed crazy because it was a BLIZZARD

on the way home, i was going with the wind
which made a huge difference
speaking of zen . . .
going with the flow is much easier

i loved how the snow was collecting on the windows
i think it really demonstrates the wind
this was awesome!

once i got to Qst, there were abandoned cars
apparently this fedex truck and 2 other cars
just couldn't go any further
more on this fiasco later...

this teabelly was super in love with the snow drifts . . .
even on the doors

who knows what the real total was
i had marked where i had been measuring,
but the wind really mucked things up . . .
lets just say,
it was a HECKUFALOT of snow

and my orchids bloomed
seriously, does it get better than this?

i just loved how my garden tools looked in the snow

this helps paint the picture of the power of the wind and the snow drifts
lets just say
everything was aerodynamic
towards the east

these are the icicles out the office window

why did i take a photo of the garden thru the screen??!!

i loved these icicles
please note their east pointing direction
also, please note that they are going the opposite way from the last storm
that is the difference with a nor'easter
most storms in DC some from the southwest
but nor'easters come from the north-east
(as evidenced by the name)
and they tend to linger
they get in some type of warm/cold trap that makes them move MUCH slower
to really understand it you would need to read at least this
($10 says you don't)

the drifts the day after

and this is what happened to the cars that just gave up

apparently, the dude in the BMW ended up spending the night in his car.
bad idea!
but my street is so rad,

the peeps all dug the dude out
then they plowed the road and trapped the other car and the fedex truck in
b/c that is THE most sensible thing to do ?????

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