Tuesday, 9 February 2010


on saturday i woke up to this:

winds of up to 45 mph had blown all snow everywhere.
AND it was still snowing

this is what it looked like out my back door
please note that snow is still falling like crazy

vito, my trusty 15 yr old snow remover neighbor, came looking for work
and work he found
he started with this . . .
it took him 2.5 hours JUST to get the stairs and walk done
and he doesn't loaf around. that kid works hard
he also sweeps and puts down salt
he really gives his customers the presidential treatment

jess, joe, gail, cheryl and i decided to go to big bear and hang out
it was so fun to be there with everyone in their ridiculous winter wear just chillin'

this is pre-snowball fight
i am trying to teach gail the eckington gang sign
(that i had made up that morning)
she just does not have the gangsta gene like i do

please note my O.G. face
also, cheryl and jess have to just give up ever being gangsta
gail is slowly improving

scenes from the hood

cheryl and i went to gracy's heated snowoga at 3:30.
i watched it snow out the window
and then it just suddenly stop when yoga finished.
maybe it was waiting for us to do shavasana?

seeing the sky

this is my car . .
i had a hard time trying to figure out which car was mine
but then i some of the snow on my bike rack fell off . . .

cheryl's car

the snowmageddon sundown

the final count

post-snow clean-up

this morning i was awaken by all this
stupid engine revving and wheels spinning
at about 6:am

it was this super stupid fedex truck who had decided to take a short cut down my road

then for some stupid reason this other car decided it had to get out too
it was like a game of chicken
it also made it hard to sleep
first of all, they aren't even supposed to drive on the road
and then this . . . UGH
i seriously feared for cheryl's car
and then the car behind the fedex decided to help push
and the guy fell down
and there is just something so funny about people falling down

this morning's sunrise

now it is snowing again. they are predecting 8-14" more. i am betting that i am not in my office until next tuesday.

here is some info on the snow conditions:
The region had nearly 3 feet of snow in some areas. One scientist said if all the snow that fell on the East Coast were melted, it would fill 12 million Olympic swimming pools or 30,000 Empire State buildings. Philadelphia and Washington each need just a little more than nine inches to give the cities their snowiest winters since 1884, the first year records were kept.

Officials say it will be several days before they know just how much the cleanup will cost. Maryland had already spent $50 million of the $60 million budgeted to keep the snow clear. In D.C., officials said they were over their $6.2 million snow budget even before the storm started.

making history

Seasonal snowfall over the last two decades. 45" have fallen so far in 2009-2010, the most since 1995-1996.

With the impending storm for tonight and Wednesday, we have a legitimate chance for an all-time (since records have been kept in the late 1800s) seasonal snow record.

Our big weekend storm surged Reagan National Airport's seasonal total to 45" with the balance of February and March yet to go. This places our current winter in position number three for the snowiest winters on record, behind 1995-96 (46") and the big one, 1898-99 (54.4"). Of course, that all-time record was set at a more downtown location (M Street), so some may argue the higher elevation and location away from the Potomac was an easier accomplishment. But in my mind, that makes this potential record season all the more notable.

The chart above tracks seasonal totals since the 1990-91 snow season. Just look at that volatility. Get this: our 45" this season is more than the last four winters COMBINED (which was only 35.5").

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