Friday, 21 January 2011

are you kidding me?!!

i'm pretty freaked out about guns right now. on wednesday i heard a woman scream twice and then 2 gun shots, then the woman screamed again and i heard another gun shot. i called the police as soon as i heard the shots. i heard the woman scream twice and then 2 shots. then there was a silence, then i heard another scream, and then another shot. by the time, the of the 3rd scream, i was calling 911.

it took at least 5 minutes until i heard the first police car. the 911 operator had no sense of urgency. the moment the call was answered i said "Police!Police!Police!Police!", but she just went through her script, it took at least a minute just for her to understand that someone had been shot. she just refused to hear me until it was time in the script for me to tell her the reason for my call. . . this is what had happened

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i want to know why there aren't more police around here? i've reported seeing people shooting heroin in my alley; i was burglarized in october; i've seen drug deals go down and reported it; i asked for our alley and that corner be put on a special watch. I've called the district commander, with no return calls. i've tried to get ahold of the investigator of my burglary a number of times, no returned calls or emails. the police force in DC is simply unresponsive. and i actually have a hard time understanding how they can sleep at night. a woman, living alone, in a "transitional" neighborhood calls and says she is scared, and even that can't get a call returned ??!!!

oh, and i learned a couple of minutes ago another person was stabbed in the head just a block away from where this murder took place.

when i first came to DC, i worked at the National Institute of Justice, where demonstration projects around the country showed that community-oriented policing steeply reduces crime. it requires police to have relationships with the people they are supposed to be protecting. Obviously, this is not happening here, when i can't even get an assigned investigator to call me back.

and thank-you republicans for striking down our gun ban. truthfully, because of our pathetic laize faire police force, when we were able to ban guns we didn't enforce it. the truth is, i'm sure the gun that guy had was illegal. why not just start asking people to see permits? i really love this argument between an arizona member of congress and a talking head on the shootings in tucson. they are debating whether extended capacity ammo clips should be legal . . .

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what would you do?


Josh said...

I got a phone call 3 weeks ago from the NRA. They wanted to know what I thought about China and Iran trying to pass laws in the UN that would take away my Constitutional right to bear arms. They were conducting a scientific survey. I asked them if they wanted to know what I thought about gun control? They said they did. I told them I was for gun control. They promptly hung up on me. As an outlier, I guess I would have skewed the public opinion towards China and Iran taking away my guns.

Two said...

though I'm mostly a vegetarian, if people want a hunting rifle, I guess that is one thing. But no one but a criminal, a soldier or a cop has any need for a semi automatic weapon. We would probably be much better off if they didn't need one either. Great post.

Two said...

To this post I say "amen and amen." and Amen.