Monday, 17 January 2011

things i love: e-motion rollers

i know that things shouldn't really be loved. if i was being more zen, i guess i would try and rid myself of the wanting mind and hold peace with what i have. but maybe that is what i am doing, because i have these amazing rollers that i am SUPER in love with.

joe helped me set them up in the basement (read: joe set them up in the basement) and then helped me get used to riding on them. it is crazy.

basically this is going to change the way i ride. you have to have a really balanced cadence and have you balance on the bike perfect or your ride is all over the place. it was crazy, joe had to really hold the bike or i was going to fall off and ride into the wall.

i road again today and i am SO amazed at how different my riding all ready is. it is still hard, and i feel off a couple of times, but man . . . i can feel it in my core. all that balancing comes from your core, which is what i'm really supposed to be strengthening right now . . . in fact most of us need stronger cores.

so, they are expensive. but i figure it is much cheaper than a gym membership and the convenience factor is amazing. i know it is going help me work out more. i already am. so . . . anyway, i'm super in love with these and if you are into cycling, i highly recommend them!

here is the promo video:

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