Saturday, 29 January 2011

kitty post -- for my mom

my mom has been on me for months to post more photos of the kittens. unfortunately, all my awesome video of chest-bumps and photos of ridiculous amounts of adorableness were stolen when i was burglarized (ode to the year of zen! i seriously had to take a deep breathe after writing that sentence.) so for those of you less interested in coco & lola than my mom, please skip this post.

i mean she has a point. this is the year of love, and i love these little creatures, so they deserve some face time!

fierce coco

hungry lola

tired after opening all of her presents

post-present play with lights
though they loved all of their gifts, they really like the balls on the trees
and the dangly lights the most

joe & i cleaned out the basement so we could turn it into a cycling studio
these two decided to jump up into the ceiling
(i'd unknowingly moved a set of shelves so this was possible)
they were covered in dust and muck
so they had to get baths
they did not really like it as much as you'd think

where's lola
(cool camou huh!)

ali came for new years
we forgot to take photos
but i decided to capture this yogic knee dance for posterity
it was a really neat moment ;)

lola the hunter

the hunted

coco the hunter
(they never got close, but lola did launch herself into the tree)

this is how they sleep
they are always in some kitty version of spooning

going to the vet to get spayed

recovering from surgery
they spent 24 hours in my room
because they were so nuts on drugs when we got home
that they both were trying to run and jump on everything
and they kept falling over due to the stitches
the 24 hours made a big difference
they still want to run and play, but now they can do it

another "where's lola"

coco with her favorite toy
the little strip of cardboard that comes off when you open a book from amazon

thanQ amazon!

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