Tuesday, 11 September 2012


its a beautiful tuesday morning.  reminds me of the one in 2001.  it kinda feels like time stood still, in a way, since then.

it scared the crap out of me!!

i think what was scariest was the way people responded.  most people just stopped thinking ... they tuned out and went shopping.  there was a war happening and we didn't realize it because the president just kept saying everything was fine.  and it was what we wanted to hear ... lulling us into ...

there were a few screaming that things were NOT fine, but a bunch of white guys in suits kept people from hearing it. (take for instance how they diverted attention from an American invasion of Iraq.  "lame-stream media" by talking about a "war on religion" ... (see below: dont' bother watching the whole thing, its painful)

but now we are waking up.  kurt eichenwald() just wrote more about how incompetent the bush presidency was, how they ignored intelligence and went on vacation.  they through up the most unbelievable smokescreen and people bought it.  but it seems like today people are saying ... wait a minute.

mormons are organizing against rape; condoning torture asking how it is possible that  lawyers from their church wrote a memo condoning (NAY JUSTIFYING) torture ... people inside the church are asking for a theological accounting.

seems like its time for a truth and reconciliation commission.  we need to have a safe place where people can say their truth and be heard and then we can distill what seems to be the most plausible explanation for things.  i just don't think that we are going to heal as a nation until we know more confidently why we went to Iraq and why we got bombed by terrorists.

wouldn't it be cool if 9/11 could become the national day of healing?  i don't even know all that it would mean: forgiveness, hair cuts, doctors appointments, etc?  but what a way to make sure terror doesn't win??!  we use the day they attacked us as the day to exercise of constitutionally protected right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

to me, part of the American ethos is taking a bad thing and turning it into something good.  i feel like that is what we need to do with 9/11.  i'm not sure what it is we need to do ... but it is time to heal i think ... do i sound like a silly teabelly?  (i'm home sick so ... i can if i want!)

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