Thursday, 20 September 2012


i've been accused of being too political lately: its true.  i got too rilled up.  i think it was my own religious confusion. accompanied by mitt being the first mormon  which is kinda awesome. he did break a ceiling.  and what is cool is only mormons even knew it was there ... it was way out of our reach and who know how he pulled that off, but plurilism will most definitely reign soon here and our kids will for sure live in a world where a muslim could be president and no one would think a think.  muddle that with a heafty dose of bitter/repugnant campaign.  finish that off with an active case of complex post-traumatic stress disorder, and voila ... i want to teach modern civics via facebook ... sue me ... just kidding.  so sorry for being annoying.  i need to stop doing that!!

so i'm turning over a new leaf.

the new leaf includes:

  • not talking about politics so much
  • doing my best  
  • not hurry through things.
  • staying more present with the natural world
  • tearing down the walls that aren't helping anymore and open the doors that need opening
  • making the most out of life and going for the gusto ... not recklessly but strategically going after what i want.
  • accepting that it is possible(and okay) to enjoy the life i have, but long for even more
i think for too long this was my theme song:

and has transitioned to this? again ...

one can only hope huh?!  because if we avoid difficult things, great things will avoid us.

so, be on the look out for:

  • house renovations!  that's right friends.  i'm still not done with the renovations on my house.  i got so burnt out the first go around and then one crazy thing after another has kept me from it ... so here i am 4 years later, about to finally finish!!  hip hip! (the basement flooded so i'm being forced to do enough stuff, i might as well do it all ... please bless!)
  • garden rehab:  the garden fell into a grand state of neglect and even without any love or help it gave me heaps of flowers some delicious cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, basil, eggplants, cucumbers, corn, tomatillos.  seriously, i feel like the garden is a testament to this being the jubilee year!
  • i'm sure some kitty photos will surface 
  • and then the usual political/theological b.s. i get caught up in :)

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