Monday, 24 September 2012

tuckpointing: 2nd time's a charm!

today began the tuckpointing of my house.  the masonry is the cause, according to many. of the water damage in my room and flooding in my basement.  lets just hope they are right?!

you may think, 'hey,didn't you do already that?' i'd have to say, 'wow you have a great memory!'  turns out you get what you pay for in tuckpointing ... and i got bamboozled so ... round 2.  i'm zen about it.

i chose renaissance development, not just because i love the idea of a renaissance, but also because i've known their owner dr. christina for 4 years now and know she is honest.  she sent her crew chief (i don't know what they are called in the masonry business) JJ is a rock star and i'm already impressed.

they arrived at 9:am sharp and got started.

so this

became this

this is is the view from my front door

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