Friday, 4 January 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! the year of . . .

and welcome to my new blog.

i have been fretting and fretting about what my theme for this year should be. lindsay has offered a number of suggestions some of my favorites include:
  • the year of being tidy
  • the year of organization
  • the year of letting go (to what?! i am so sure!!!)
  • l'annee de l'resistance (after i kept shutting down all of her ideas)
i considered:
  • the year of the house (which i still like, i am just not sure i can commit. what if i move to japan?)
  • l'annee d'change
  • they year of living dangerously (this made lindsay laugh out loud: hard)
none of them seemed quite right. but this morning (4 days late and a dollar short) i woke up knowing what it should be. (drumroll)

el año de esperanza

i woke up with hope! the news that barak had won made me full of hope. and i thought, this is how i want to feel all year.

so the house might be purchased and i will do it with hope. i am competing in triathlons, with hope of victory over self. i will vote and work for political change that i have so long desired and restore hope. i will garden; a hopeful process in and of itself. i will work with hope that i can actually make a difference and a further reaching perspective.

i have never been able to articulate the difference between faith and hope. but i think i get it emotionally. i am not working, necessarily, towards a goal (you want faith in that). hope, for me this year, will be a generalized feeling. i am sure there will be more exploration of this too.

i do hope that the new blog address is easier to remember.

so there you have it.

expect more soon. i think the photos from my africa trip will end up here, since i am putting my old blog to sleep. stay tuned!


Dianna said...

This will be un bon annee. Happy New Year!!!!

Dianna said...

Ti quiero bien, teabelly!!! Espero que tu esperanza soporta por todo el ano y se difunde a mei tambien.

ginger said...

i sure hope this year's blog is as fun as the last!

andi said...

Love the snappy new digs, hate that you don't have your links up to all my favorite blogs. Hint-hint.

andi said...

Thank, darling. And I am just wondering if the house on the corner sold yet?

teabelly said...

No the house on the corner is still for sale. There are houses all over the 'hood on even quieter streets for sale too. You can stay with us anytime you wanna come look for houses!

Amy Greer said...

i love the new theme. i've heard hope described as the belief (or faith) that the atonement is not just a real thing but that it is a real thing for you personally. i don't know if that's right, but i liked the thought.