Sunday, 13 January 2008

so it turns out

this is going to be el ano de la casa. i am going to buy a house. or at least i hope i will. i have been consumed by it since the beginning of the year. only 13 days into the year i have:
  • hired an awesome realtor (larissa fain)
  • talked to my friend herb riggs who is a mortgage broker and found out how much i can borrow.
  • seen houses in: eckington and capitol hill
  • made appointments to see houses in so/flo (no map but it is just north of cap hill. the boundries east and west are the same as cap hill. but goes from 7th NE to florida.) and in columbia heights
i have found 4 houses that are maybes but nothing is perfect. the big question is do i want to do a total rehab or do i just want to move into a house? i am really really in love with the idea of making my house super green. and i have always loved the idea of doing the "this old house" thing. so maybe this is my chance.

if i do the green thing, i will get a bunch of tax breaks (hopefully, i guess that congress hasn't yet passed the bill). also, i can qualify for a special loan: 203K loan that is somehow administerd thru HUD. i guess others mingle that loan with the "energy efficient mortgage".

the green stuff i would like to do includes:
things that i really want in a house include:
  • a basement that i can either rent out or keep my bikes, luggage, and etc. in
  • a yard where i can have my garden
  • lots of sun
  • fireplace
  • roof access and a roof i can make green
  • wood floors


Kikibug said...

Hello! When you posted on my blog I was thinking "Who is Teabelly?". Well, here you are.
I have spent the past 30+ minutes admiring (some of through tears) your blog and your life and all the good you are doing in the world. Really great stuff!
The most I learn about politics is from your blog.. sad, but true.
As someone else suggested, you should be a campaign manager.

Cinderella is going to be played by my neighbor. I am buying her a costume, it is going to be SO cute!
Carma will LOVE it.

andi said...

Do you have pictures of the houses you are interested in? I would love to take a tour of the top 10 teabelly houses of DC. My favorite neighborhood is around 14th and Otis NW. It backs up to the monastery and tons of open green space yet is still close to the city. That is where I would buy a house in DC.

Amiee said...

Yo! I found the link to you on Kiki's website! How the heck are you? too bad I don't live out by you b/c i'd make you let me be your realtor, since that is what I currently do for a living here. I bet houses cost a small fortune out there. I hope you find a great one. MISS YOU!