Friday, 4 January 2008

mitt, mormons, and the GOP

i know some people (holly) prefer i stick to photos and silly stories, but i can't resist today.

i am really upset by the way the GOP is treating mitt and his mormonism. i think it is appalling that in 2008, good, proven leaders can't run for president. in my estimation mitt is the best thing the republicans have right now. he is a proven administrator. he is an effective negotiator. he is able to find the middle ground and build consensus. he is sane (unlike guiliani and mccain). and for the republican base, he believes in your morals. yet for some reason the GOP has decided to throw him under the bus.

it is clear that what was once the conservative coalition is becoming a disorganized frenzy of radical nut jobs. i was upset when i felt like mitt set aside what he felt was right to what he thought would get him elected. his sudden changes on abortion, gay marriage, etc. really bothered me. and he lost this wondering democratic mormon's vote when he became like all the other politicians, just a pandering buffoon. but the truth is he isn't a buffoon and it is freaky that huckabee beat him in iowa.

mormons have been loyal to the republican party for over 60 years. 80% of american mormons vote. we vote as frequently as jews. we are a loyal base. so why is the GOP so confident the mormons will stay? and why don't mormons wake up and smell the postum and realize that they have been ugly redheaded stepchildren in that party for years. and why in the world don't the dems start courting the mormon vote? i think in a time like this it is feasible that the mormons will be able to see that the GOP is never going to actually support their cause.

most don't know that mormons were once as loyal to the dems as they are now to the GOP. the the early 20th century momons voted in block for dems. in fact woodrow wilson's assistant sec of treasury was a high ranking mormon.

from what i understand mormons became republican when "cultural revolution" started. mormons wanted traditional values etc. we were second class citizens then to the GOP and i don't understand why mormons don't see that the republican party has not done them much good. in fact, republican operatives have been digging up dirt and mingling fact with fiction about much of what we believe and how we behave.

to me, loyalty should be given to people, systems, parties, organizations, who will stand for and protect your values. even in the articles of faith "we claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may." i don't think the GOP stands by this article.

mitt, i am sorry you sold out to a group who was never going to help you in the first place. i think had you stood by your beliefs you might have been able to actually be the president. you were too calculated. it made you look fake. nervous bigoted republicans slammed you on your faith. i wish you would have stood up then for what was right and told them what you believed and then told them to back off. that you were running for president and that in today's america we should be better than this. i know it is scary to speak truth to power, but you have to when you are the president. i think this is the mistake that lost you the race. or maybe it was because you decided to be a republican. in the democratic race, you might have actually come out ahead. especially if you had spoken your truth.

GOP you are a bunch of dirty rascals. and i am so glad that all of your dirty laundry is being aired. not just the larry craig kind of laundry, but this...your divisive, bigoted strategy. i hope last night was the beginning of significant change!


Spencer said...

oh what will mormons do if Huckabee wins the nomination. People seem to laugh at me when I bring that up, but maybe it should start to be something to think about.

ginger said...

deja vu...chuck and I had this exact conversation last night

andi said...

Are you really that surprised by Iowa. Think about it. Any battle between a mormon and a born-again in the Mid-West is bound to start with lies and end with someone falling backwards through a window with a bullet through the heart.

Here, here -- Kimberly. If nothing else maybe this campaign will mark the END of the mormon church's trend to align us with the "Christian" "right"!

Matthew Gardner said...

I've been feeling much the same way, and even though I'm not in favor of Romney (with respect to some of his positions) it has been fascinating and disappointing at the same time to see how he's treated by the GOP. For me, his pandering has been a turn off, but I assume he is just the least discrete out of the group in changing his's politics...they all do it to some degree. I think for us to see any kind of major shift of Mormons to the Democratic party we would have to see democrats, on some level, embrace what Mormons consider traditional values. That doesn't appear to be happening. I believe that Mormons would rather be treated as a 2nd class citizens than become democrat and join the "cultural revolution." I for one am a "used to be Republican", "turned moderate/independent", "probably going to vote for Obama", but "not converted democrat yet" Mormon...maybe there are more out there like me. I guess I shouldn't hold it against Romney that he's changed his views, I definitely have.

Cassi said...

Amen, sister!

As the only democrat in my family (or even my husband's family), I'm all for recruiting more Momos to the path of social consiousness, tolerance, and human rights!

Amy Greer said...

kim, you need to be a campaign manager.