Friday, 4 January 2008

new years day

the end of 2007 marked the end of the year of fun, and i was too worn out from all the fun and fell asleep at 8:30 on new year's eve. the revelry and tomfoolery outside woke me up, but just briefly.

i started '08 refreshed and ready! it was awesome. i had a delicious breakfast: 8 grain hot cereal and fresh juice. we cleaned the house and then had the first "quadri-monthly team awesome 5k." there were only 3 entrants for our debut race: me, dianna, and lindsay. we will do a 5k the first weekend of the month that is divisible by 3 (jan, march, june, sept, dec) okay so this system still needs a little refining, but the winner is the most improved in december. that is the rub! most competitors will have their best time in sept. the challenge is to get yourself even faster as it gets cold again.

our times are so pathetic i am not sure they can be disclosed. there was some confusion about the route, too. but i will record each person's improvement... and all you who bailed for the first race are still eligible to join in march.

the 5k route

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