Friday, 11 January 2008

reuse pill bottles?

so i just took an ambien, for obvious reasons. i can not sleep at night these days. and when i picked up the bottle i had the same thought i have had at least 100 times: why can't we take these back to the pharmacy from which they came and have them reused? my little pills do so little to the bottle. a good soak and dry and it should be good to go. maybe more than a soak, but you see what i mean. seems like HEAPS of plastic is going into landfills for no reason. i wish i could just take my bottle back and have it refilled. just ask them to put a new lable on it. maybe they could even reduce materials by just adding some stickers over the old expiration date and stuff.

i know the bottles cost money. so being able to reuse them would save money and make the world a much better place.

so, next time you have to get a perscription filled, maybe you should take your bottle in and ask them to reuse it. maybe we can be the beginning of a revolution?

think about it...

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