Monday, 4 February 2008

helping barak

i have totally lost my voice, i sound like the dog whisperer so i am not having much success with what i am about to propose...i promise i will get back to doing photos and stuff...but so many people have shown their enthusiasm about obama, i thought i should at least let everyone know that this opportunity was availible.

it is pretty fun, and at least you feel part of the process...

Tomorrow, 22 states across the country are holding Democratic caucuses and primaries.

You can help Get Out The Vote in these crucial contests by calling fellow supporters from your own home.

Use our online calling tool and make a difference today:

When Michelle and I talked about my running for president, one of the core goals we both had for this campaign was to leave the political process better off than we found it.

You have challenged conventional thinking and built a grassroots movement for change that is sweeping this country.

I have no doubt that the election tomorrow will be close, but you can help ensure that as many people as possible participate.

Make calls using our online calling tool and help Get Out The Vote:

I believe that this movement for change can do more than just win an election. Together, we can transform this country.

Thank you for being part of this,



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