Sunday, 24 February 2008

Norfolk Winter Wonderland

Kimberly is much too busy with her house to waste time blogging, so I, D, will have to assume the duties of telling the world about our weekend in Norfolk.
First of all, we drove up in this:

The heater and seatwarmers worked the whole 7 hour drive, which is nothing short of miraculous, considering the odometer hasn't worked since 167,000 miles.
Who knows how many miles she really has?

It snowed non-stop the first 36 hours we were in Norfolk.
As if it isn't picturesque enough already...

This is Jake's Place, where Annie and Vint let us stay.
It has a fireplace, comfy beds, and a skylight.
Lindsay plans to retire to Jake's Place.

This is the home of Annie Garrels and Vint Lawrence, of Norfolk, CT.

Annie and Vint have enrolled us in the "hoods to woods" program, of their own invention, to teach us the magic of nature. Here is Kimberly showing her "hoods" roots.

tha' lil' gangsta.

Snowy roads, mittens, tea.

Toby pond had 8 inches of snow, and a foot of ice underneath it.

I fall on the ice, and I turn it into a sexy dance.

I'm being held up by one foot of ice.

Kimberly marking the lake.

The snow angels that KTK and I left on Toby.


Poetry in motion.

Yay for a half-hour outdoors!
Now we can stay inside and do nothing the rest of the afternoon with impunity.

The view out the kitchen window.

Annie, Lindsay, and I gear up for cross-country skiing across a meadow.
We had to steal skis from all sorts of members of the extended Lawrence family.

Vint and Annie, our completely charming instructors and guides.

Kimberly is a natural!

She's also the number one smiley student.

Vint waxing up Lindsay's skis. Lindsay making the wax look good.

On the trail.

Annie and Vint have a constant stream of dinner guests, and serve them well.
This house is so inviting on a cold night.

Bamboo ski poles, that KTK borrowed from an in-law of a cousin once removed.

Vint and KTK waxing up the skis before another trip into the woods.

KTK, Lindsay, and Vint trekking through the woods.

Good form from the rear for the whole team.

We travelled through the woods 'till we reached Toby Lake.
Lindsay is about to follow Vint onto the ice.

Nerds on ice.

Team leader.

Vint and KTK, stretching out across the lake.

Despite her parents' best efforts to keep her away from the corrupting influence of skiers,
Lindsay is a complete snowbunny.

Clearly I'm in last place on this trip because I keep stopping to take pictures.

Lindsay and Vint tear the lake up as we head for home.

Kimberly has fallen in love with cross-country skiing.
She's already looked online for skis on sale.

She also loves Obama. She did a lot of Obama proselyting this weekend.

We are totally sore!!!

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Amiee said...

Kim, love the "gangsta" pic of you! If you want to see like 7' of snow--check out the snow pics on my blog. We have gotten SO MUCH this year, it's INSANE!!!!!!!