Friday, 8 February 2008

me, liz, mayor fenty, and obama -- triathletes for change

today liz drug me from my sick bed to see the openning of obama's campaign office just a couple blocks away from my house. it was a beatiful day and i was excited to see what it would be. i have never been to any type of political rally -- though i have seen one on tv -- so i really didn't know what to expect. thankfully i brought my camera.

they gave us signs right when we got there.

i left my house with wet hair.
i am still mad i did this!

nerds for obama

the diversity of the crowd was inspiring

all the people at the rally were this beautiful!

this guy is probably my favorite of the whole morning
people started cheering "we want change" and
he came out of the building he was working on
grabbed a sign and started cheering ¡si, se puedes!
i loved that guy.
when the cheering stopped, he went back inside to keep working
mayor fenty arriving and concerned for america
and dc
he was the first mayor in america to endorse obama (july)
and when he talked to barack before the endorsement he said
"you know i am a one issue guy. can you promise to support dc's right to vote"
obama agreed without any hesitation

i had awesome "seats"

i started to worry about getting on t.v. though

after it was all over, liz and i, and a new friend alexis went into the office to get yard signs. we talked to the mayor and i shared some ideas with him. lets just say there is more to come. and don't be surprised if you soon see photos of me and the mayor on a bike ride.

front row: me, alexis, another awesome triathlete whose name i forgot, and liz
back row: mayor fenty, his training buddy george

team for change!

here is the washington post article . . .


Spencer said...

good job DC!

Chelsea Belle said...

Wow, Kimberly- that looks like SO much fun!! You make me miss DC! (And you!!)
Congrats on the house by the way!!!

HOW exciting!! :)

Annie & Doug said...

Wow! Great pictures and your hair looks styling!