Thursday, 7 February 2008

i think i found a house

so today i decided to see 2 houses. i am still sick and need to be resting, but i have been feeling really compelled about one of the houses on my recent list from larissa and just thought i should go see it. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!

this is the house...

it is 3.5 blocks from a metro. has awesome exposed brink in the living/dining rooms. the kitchen is not done (which i am of course thrilled about) and the upstairs needs some serious work. the bathroom is a mess. it has a nice, perfectly sized yard with a great deck. it has a basement, that needs to be totally rehabbed if i want it to have a tenant (which i do). they were making it an entertainment room, and i don't really need all that. but it has some great wood down there that i can remake into a floor. there isn't a fireplace, but my realtor says she installed one (or had installed) in a house that was very similar for not to much $$.

i am so so so amped. nervous about the offer making tho. it has 3 offers on it already. so i just have to do it right. i think i have a good team. so hopefully this all works. please pray for me to get this house. i believe prayers will ensure that the right thing happens. and i trust that God will knows what that right thing is better than me.


Annie & Doug said...

Wow! It is darling. I saw that you tried writing me the other day- sorry I missed you! Good luck and keep us updated.

ginger said...

i love the ghettolicious it makes me miss dc