Saturday, 7 August 2010

cartageña de indias: la ciudad

cartageña de indias lives up to its reputation: it is a BEAUTIFUL european city on the carribean coast of colombia. at least the old city does i didn't have time to see much else . . . i traveled with my friend betsy, whose cousin was getting married. we hatched the plan to go back in december, even then i didn't do much research before taking off. turns out, i'm becoming an incredibly lazy traveler.

i used to want to collect a lonely planet for each place i have visited. before leaving, i would read the history of the country, know all the coolest things to see, places to stay, etc. now, i feel like i barely know what i am going. i travel with less, but have a ton of travel accoutrement . . .

this meant betsy planned the whole trip, and i just kinda tagged along, which was pretty awesome. we stayed at the hotel puertas de cartageña, which i can recommend without reservation. the rooms were comfortable. the bed was one of the best i've had in a hotel. breakfast was amazing. super fresh, pressed juices etc. . . staff was super friendly and helpful. plus it isn't big and loud.
cartageña is a colonial era walled city . . .
you can see betsy walking on the sidewalk as i walk along the wall
it rained at least once everyday we were there
the storms were amazing
and it felt kinda good, because it was wicked hot!

on my first day there, we got trapped by a downpour
and found ourselves near this art . . .
giant cigarette butts
i loved it
because it bugs me that smokers are such litterers
what gives with just hucking your cigarette butt where ever you want?
how did that
i loved what this artist was doing.
suffice it to say,
i was pickin up what he was puttin down

simon bolivar
the liberator!

this dance was amazing.
they could move their bodies so quickly and in so many ways, i never knew possible
it was amazing . . .

i ate on average one ceviche a day
and decided, there is no good reason i'm not making this at home
all the time . . .
perfect summer food
those peruvians knew what they were doing when they started cooking fish in lime juice

we visited the museum of gold
i actually spent an hour or so in a museum

the sign next to this beautiful lady said:
"the potters of the Rio Grande (amazon)
made funeral containers shaped like women, with rounded features . . .
these were deposited as part of a deceased person's funerary offerings.

and then my favorite:

anyway . . . some gold:
people really went crazy for this stuff . . .
they used to dig up bodies from sacred burial grounds
and run off with the sacred goods

i guess it was all worth it,
because it paid for the spanish empire!

turns out cartageña is a hub of fashion
there are a number of spanish and italian designers that have shops
in ibiza, milano, an carageña . . .
i didn't know, and feel in love with a cool beaded belt
that was $80 USD
and kinda worth it
but then also, not really worth it
because who NEEDS an $80 belt

i loved that their was just art all over the place
DC needs more of this
and less stupid political cows.

cafe de mar
is THE place to watch the sunset
it kinda blue my mind! (get it)

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