Sunday, 15 August 2010

mud baths!!!!!!

we had heard that it is a must to visit the mud baths of cartageña . . .
and i like to do what i'm told
so we went

it was weird.
about 50 people ended up piling on a bus
it felt a bit gilligan's island for a bit

we arrived at this

which obviously looks like a giant ant hill at first
and also man made
i felt like i had walked into colombia's #1 tourist traps

this is what is at the top of the stairs

you get in and these colombian men tell you to lay back
and then they push your body through the mud
like you are part of an assembly line

they smear mud all over you
and give you a bit of a massage

the mud is so über buoyant it was fun to see how deep you could push someone into it
betsy asked me to push her in, just after this photo was taken
i had no problems completely dunking her
thankfully, she never could push down further than my neck
apparently i am dense :)

getting out of the mud, my bottoms fell down
i'm not sure anyone knew, because it probably
didn't look much different than with the bottoms on
but a few people got mooned . . .

then as everyone was leaving, i decided i needed to dive in
please see video below

we ate here afterwards. . .
my grandma is donna,
and i thought she would love it that i was here . . .

big hugs grandma!!!

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