Sunday, 29 August 2010

it is the answer

before the show, i got this photo txt message:

a little background:
since last fall i've been thinking about getting kitties. i got really serious about thinking about it when i was in california at the beginning of july and met ali's cat sammy.

sammy is an awesome cat. she is pretty, cuddly, soft, and relaxed.

turned out her mom was having another litter. in fact, when i was in cali in july, i met the litter . . . the mom is crazy & hid her kittens. ali and i spent a good hour trying to find them. but they were super cute and had the genetic potential to be like sammy.

at some point while i was in colombia, i just knew it was the time to get kitties. the truth is, i didn't really think it all the way through. but it just felt like the right thing to do.

so ali told her niece to pick out the two most cuddly kitties . . . sabrina did and her mom, kahna sent me the photo above. it sealed the deal!

this is jojo on the way to get the kitties
he looks the way i felt

for some reason tho, when i got to kahna's i felt like i had to remake the decision about which kitties to get and how many. it felt like i was making sophie's choice. how in the heck are you supposed to make the decision. at one point i thought about taking 4 kittens home. then i kept swapping the kittens out for a different choice.

i was really stressing out, and then ali said . . . looks like sabrina's choices have chosen you.

those little rascals stayed on my shoulders the whole time i was there.
the silvery one on my right (lola) licked my face for about 10 minutes

what is really funny about this, is that coco
the one on my left
is not really the cuddliest kitty
i think she was just jonesing to get to the District

this is sammy meeting coco and lola

jojo, lola (full name: julie lopez), and coco (full name: coco chanel)

jojo, si, and the kitties

this is just before we rented the movie "diary of a whimpy kid"
for the boys to watch while ali and i ran hills
at a moment of euphoria sawyer said:
"kitties and 'diary of a whimpy kid': it doesn't get any better than this!!!!!"

all was well and we were leaving to go to the airport, when i sat my computer bag down
and something went off in my back
it felt like i'd been shocked
the whole left side of my body contracted
and i feel on the floor.
i couldn't move for awhile (no idea how long)
sawyer was super helpful in trying to find solutions to my problem
i was super concerned with missing more work
so i eventually made myself stand up,
only to faint a couple of minutes later . . .
but i am stubborn sometimes
so i ended up still going to the airport.

i couldn't walk so i called delta and they met me at the car

it hurt like CRAZY
as evidenced by the grimice on my face here
turns out i had herniated my L4-L5 disc

it was interesting being in a wheelchair for a day of travel
i have to say, it is a really good thing we have ADA,
but even ADA doesn't make everything ok
getting to the bathroom was tough because the door only swings one way
and there were thresholds into each bathroom

also, if you are in ATL and need wheelchair assistance,
they only have chairs that someone has to push for you
which actually made it completely impossible for me to go to the bathroom or get any food
super weird!

tho the woman that helped me in sacramento and the guy who helped me in dc
were so nice and awesome

coco after we got home

coco hiding in the pie safe . . . sleeping on table cloths

coco and lola sleeping on my bed

the kitties with SOME of the peaches from my tree :)

on the prowl!!
watch out!!!!

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ART said...

OH MY GOODNESS. They are SO cute. You are going to be the best kitty mama. SO SO SO CUTE.