Monday, 2 August 2010

scuba in cartegeña

i have heaps of photos from a glorious week in cartegeña. i am going to have to post in installments: mostly because i want to post a ton of photos, because it was just so spectacular and feels like it was 5 separate events: wedding (and la hora de loca); scuba; tayrona and barlovento; mud baths; cartegeña . . .
so . . . here's scuba

this is about a 35 minute boat ride from cartegeña...

this is the beach we ate lunch on
not the best sandwiches
but the lobster was AMAZING!

susan, a friend from the wedding, and joey, and paulo
betsy and susan had never dived,
so they took a quick intro course
and dove with us on our second dive . . .
this is part of what we saw

we dove to 2 shipwrecks!
it was my first wreck dive so i was pretty stoked!

twas too heavy to dive with

the ships were at about 65 ft underwater
we went into the boat
and found a big pocket of air
we all went up into it
and took our masks off
it smelled musky
it was pretty cool to have a conversation under 65 ft of water

these are bubble coming out of the boat . . . again, 65 ft underwater


c'est moi
wait i mean
soy yo


tiger fish
interesting story. . .
i thought these were only in south east asia . . .
turns out that was true, until a guy in miami decided he didn't want his pet tiger fish anymore
and they started reproducing
and now they are taking over the Caribbean . . .
at least that is the word on the street.

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