Saturday, 14 August 2010

cartageña wedding

so the whole reason i ended up in cartageña was because betsy's cousin was getting married. she called me in decemeber and asked me if i'd travel with her after the wedding. ¡claro que si! was my obvious answer. here are some photos from the wedding:

after the wedding was over we had dinner. it was pretty hot, so everyone decided to go swimming . . . in our wedding clothes . . .

when we got back from swimming we were surprise by the celebration of the
"hora de loca"

there was a band playing silly music, this guy with plastic fedoras, ties, and masks

and a group of these ladies handing out flowered leis

i had a hard time picking out my fedora

and then we all danced hard for about an hour
it was SUPER fun!
i love la hora de loca
i want to institute a mandatory hour of crazy in my office

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