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field2city -- easiest organic foood in DC

in march of 2008 i met kim wee. i saw this building as a drove from community folklift to d's house. he owned timor.

this meeting/discovery made me feel safer about my spontaneous and not very thought thru decision to buy my house ... this and a little cafe called big bear were the anchors of promise both that i hadn't just bankrupted myself and that i might actually really love living here, despite signs that this was not the best time to buy a house...

kim is an awesome guy, dedicated to making our neighbor both hip and healthy. i introduced him to the spiritual food csa that lindsay, dianna, & i were in and he became a pick-up place; told friends to go to his store, etc ... obviously, we were instantly friends.

his little shop has weathered the down turn of the economy. thru partnering with farmers and from around the region, kim is creating a ordering and delivery system that brings people same day organic food delivery 7 days a week: field2city (twitter is @fieldtocity where you get updates of fresh yummy foods). he keeps the store open if you need to walk in and browse or just wanna say hi and stuff. plus, those who are part of is ordering club can still get the good food: just he doesn't take credit cards anymore.

as a late adopter, i wasn't really keeping up with all of this. i had a CSA and i'd do farmers markets and costco. then i ditched the CSA for my garden and did farmers markets and arganica ... arganica turned out to be a disappointment. then i ditched costco b/c seemed crazy with one person. then my relationship with my car ended, and i had to start getting more creative about getting my food. reading about this, i think that field2city is like the perfect blend of them all.

now, in full discloser, i have yet to order a thing from kim. i wouldn't even be writing this, but i got an email from him reminding me that i owe him money. that prompted me to check out his site, which i'd been meaning to do since i went in and learned that they weren't taking credit cards anymore b/c he is hoping all of his business happens via this delivery system.

so i can't speak from experience that the system is flawless, but i know the guy ... its like i have faith in kim wee. "i'd like to bear my testimony of the dependability of kim wee." if its not working, he will fix it and you will not ever loose money.

in his own words:
Polyface Farm eggs. Wildflower Honey from Manassas. Trickling Springs Creamery milkin glass bottles. Produce picked to order from a 20-acre Montrose farm. These are the types of products that we deliver daily to any residence in the District of Columbia.* We have what CSAs, buying clubs and farmers' markets have to offer, but we'll get local food to your doorstep without memberships, subscriptions or time spent wandering around markets. We are based within DC, which allows us to turn around orders on the same day that they are made.

Browse our products on our online shopping cart, send your order in by 5PM on weekdays or 3PM on weekends. We deliver from 6PM-8:30PM weekdays, and from 4PM-6:30PM on Saturday and Sunday. Minimum orders are $75. Payment is due in cash or check on delivery, $10 delivery fee.

When your order is made, we email you with a specific delivery time. Then we handpick your products and carefully package them for maximum freshness. You will receive a confirmation call 10 minutes before we arrive. Our drivers also pick up empty milk bottles.

Please see our Brick & Mortar Info page for in-store pickup details.

* depending on seasonal availability

Below is the seasonal calendar. For more information on our products and the full seasonal calendar, see our Product Sources page. For up-to-date information on what's in stock, please see our price list, available as a GoogleDoc.


FieldtoCity is the first District of Columbia-based business to present a selection of locally and seasonally sourced products on a user-friendly website and combines a simple ordering process with a highly professional, same-day delivery service.

Shopping for locally-produced food has become increasingly important to urban Washingtonians. Recent years have seen a proliferation of regional farmers markets, CSA's, and buying clubs, which reflect a profound shift in our expectations of how and where our food is grown.

Our constantly expanding menu of products includes summertime produce from a 20 acre Virginia farm that is picked per our order, glass bottled milk from a Pennsylvania coop, and eggs from the celebrated Polyface farm. Other farmers market type products include honey, jams, sauces, coffee and handmade soaps and lotions.

For added variety and convenience, we carry dry goods such as quinoa, flour, noodles and rice, nonfood items such as eco-friendly dish soap and paper products, as well as quality pet supplies. Our beer and wine sections feature popular American craft brews and wine varietals from around the world.

Our use of the internet enables rapid delivery of local food products, meaning ultimate freshness. Our online shopping cart can be navigated within a matter of minutes-- a few clicks, basic contact info, and your order is on the way! We update our product offerings daily, so during the Mid Atlantic growing season, it's possible for our produce to be sold the same day that it leaves the farm. That is the essence of FtC.


200 Rhode Island Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
Kim Wee

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