Thursday, 29 December 2011

should mormon progressives speak up?

i got this in my email a few days ago and i keep thinking it is a bit silly, but part of me thinks if all of the people on my blog stood in the halls of power the whole world would be better.  if one believes in eternal progression, in progresses, in optimizing life, of attaining our divine potential ... what else should we do now?

yall know i'm not running.  i love my job and i'm not fit for politicking. but i know yall know people who should.  just like when we were missionaries, sometimes we just need to ask people the direct question: "will you?"  it reminds me of this mumford and sons song:

hey teabelly,

There's a lot at stake in 2012, but some of the most important races in the country won't get any national attention.

Local officials can decide what's taught in our schools and set priories for our towns and our state governments, but their campaigns are often waged with very little outside attention.

There are thousands of key positions up for grabs around the country in 2012 -- many of them in your own backyard.

Will you consider running for one of them?Decisions made at the local level have a real impact and progressive candidates running for local office have been on their own for too long.

That's why we're joining the New Organizing Institute and dozens of other progressive organizations to bring you the Candidate Project -- to recruit, train and support progressive candidates running for everything from dog-catcher to state representative. 

Pledge to run for office, or recruit candidates in your community to join the Candidate Project.
Or find out more about how you can be involved.
We need progressives like you fighting to make sure our values are represented in local governments around the country.

In 2012, progressives will be running for seats at every level of local government nationwide -- to take back our school boards, town councils, and statehouses.
You can also pledge to recruit candidates or volunteer on a local race.You have the power to change your town for the better. 

And with the Candidate Project you will also have a community of support from the day you sign up through election night 2012.

Thanks for everything you do.

- Kaili

Kaili Lambe, Political Campaign Manager
Democracy for America  

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