Tuesday, 6 December 2011

mormon gender theology

i talk alot about gender and gender based violence at work.  i also talk about homosexuality, non-linear gender constructions, the kinsey scale, and a host of other things that reframe traditional concepts of gender and force us to see ourselves less as labels and more as magnificent creations of loving heavenly parents!

i spend lots of time trying to reconcile this with the rigid gender roles in the church i adopted when i left Catholicism and its weird thoughts of gender.  so i've been doing some research, but i know i'm missing tons.  can yall help me know what is out there about mormon gender theology?

also, do i have this right?

its seems like there is a movement in the blogernacle to challenge the traditional gender roles and move to a post-heterosexual theology.  The "church members believe in marriage equality, food storage, being prepared for disaster, responding to disasters, education, healthy diets including eschewing tobacco and alcohol and only eating foods that are local and in season."

Wiki page on “Mormon Women”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_and_Mormonism

Here is a quick bibliography of some of the most scholarly Gender/Mormon work:

  • Taylor G. Petrey (ThD, MTS Harvard Divinity School) is Assistant Professor of Religion at Kalamazoo College, specializing in New Testament and Early Christianity. He also teaches in the Jewish Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality programs.
  • A. Lee Beckstead University of Utah Mormon Clients’ Experiences of Conversion Therapy: The Need for a New Treatment Approach 
    • “Perspectives were gathered of 50 Mormon individuals who had undergone counseling to change their sexual orientation. The data were analyzed using the constant comparative method and participant verification, thereby developing a grounded theory. A model emerged that depicted participants’ intrapersonal and interpersonal motivations for seeking conversion or “reparative” therapy, their perceived benefits and harms of such interventions, and the factors that facilitated self-acceptance and consolidation of a positive self-identity. Based on these descriptions, this study provides the foundation for a broader-based treatment approach (besides one focused solely on changing sexual orientation or adopting a lesbian, gay, or bisexual identity), which is designed to produce individualized congruent solutions for religiously conflicted, same-sex-attracted clients.
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any help would be greatly appreciated.  i'm trying to pitch a cool idea, but i want to be sure i don't step on any toes!!!


shamanoffun said...


"Feminism in the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

shamanoffun said...


This quick excerpt from Valerie Hudson (Named in 2009 as one of top 100 thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine) gives some great explanations of Mormon perspectives on Gender and how we differ from traditional Christianity in our beliefs and doctrines which elevate the status of women.

mhcs said...


Edited by Maxine Hanks, who was excommunicated for her efforts in 1993, and re-joined earlier this year. *Without* being asked to recant the book.

It's 100% available online.


I've been totally blown away by how amazing Valerie Hudson's professional writings in poli sci are (she did Bare Branches, for one thing, and a whole bunch of other gender-based violence and politics stuff besides that, which you may already be familiar with).

Simultaneously, her essays trying to wrench out a way that women are equal in the current church hierarchy leave me with this awful feeling like I just got hugged by a big slimy fish. It's like, dude... you're a PhD in poli sci and I've read your publications. I *know* you know better than this. What gives?