Thursday, 19 June 2008

city flag

i am glad i live in a city that has its own flag. it makes for really cool bike jerseys. i never really thought much about it, until i was in chicago. chicago also has a city flag. so then i couldn't decide whose flag was cooler. and then i started to wonder, what other cities have flags. new york certainly doesn't have a city flag or it would be all over the place. phoenix could have a super cool flag, but it doesn't.

and please don't give me guff about how dc is actually like a state so the dc flag is a state flag...i know that but it really isn't because there are NO other cities in the district of columbia and we don't have any representation, so please let me just pretend we are as cool as chicago and have a city flag. sheesh.

so anyway, which city flag is cooler:




( in case you were wondering what professionals thought...In a review by the North American Vexillological Association of 150 American city flags, the Chicago city flag came in 2nd with a rating of 9.03 out of 10, behind only the flag of Washington, D.C..[1])

house update coming soon... i will take photos tomorrow and get something up soon. my carpenter hurt his back and so nothing really happened this week. but the garden grew like mad! tomatoes are so close. there are heaps and heaps of little green tomatoes. we just need a few more sunny days.
i leave for botswana on saturday via another trip on delta (dca to atl to dakar to johannesberg to gaborone...and then back again 6 days!) i am going to be really bugged if the first tomatoes ripen while i am gone!

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Kikibug said...

Just wanted to stop by and say "hello". It has been a while.
I actually like the Chicago flag better, but what do I know.

Have fun in Botswana. Be safe. I can't believe how much you travel. I HATE flying and feeling so trapped. But I suppose one would get used to it.