Saturday, 21 June 2008

wait a minute

if you know me well, you might be reading this and thinking, wait a minute are you not supposed to be on a flight from dc to jo'berg right now; what are you doing blogging??!! well the answer is a simple one word answer: DELTA!

i didn't sleep well last night because i had all this packing and stuff to do, so after i woke up at 5:45 and tried to sleep for an hour, i decided to start getting my stuff done. and done i did. i got so much done that i realized that i could just take my checked bag to the airport and leave it and then have the rest of the morning to play or dink around (or maybe take a nap). when i got the airport i discovered that my flight to atlanta had been canceled and now i was rebooked on a south african air flight out of JFK, only, both of my connections were so short that it was painfully obvious that i would never make my connections. i left the airport with the intent of returning to take my connection-missing flights. just a few things to point out. NO ONE called me to tell me my flight was canceled. why did they not just ask me if i could get to atl sooner? why make me fly on a different airline in a way that would insure me not getting to my destination?

after an hour and a half at the airport trying to figure out what to do, i came home starving and so on edge. so i called delta and said, look i don't like sleeping in airports, can you help me? so they said the best they could do was get me on the flight tomorrow. i decided to take that option. it seemed like with the connections the way they were, i probably wouldn't have gotten there much sooner anyhow. so, i just decided to take the day and chill out.

i started cleaning out my closet with lindsay. awesome! i am so stoked to get rid of all these YUCKY clothes i haven't been wearing. then dianna and i attempted, frustratingly, to fill her raised garden beds. the uhaul experience was so horrible it deserves it's own post. needless to say it took way too long, adn by the time we got to the place to get the sand and compost, it was closed. that did not please dianna much. so we tried to back track. i left her alone to get some work done (she is working on a cool story about the grand canyon that should be on all things considered on 30 june...check it out) and i went with cheryl for a mani/pedi. not the best in the world, but one of the cheapest i have had in dc ($32). and now i am blogging.

my luggage is at DCA and i should probably go get it, but i kinda just don't care enough. so there it will sit tonight and i will get it tomorrow. and then i will be off.

coming up: photos of the house and garden, uhaul stories, and blogs from africa.
be all on edge.

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