Thursday, 12 June 2008

hoods to woods

i am in norfolk for the weekend. i got here last night. i guess the night before there was a incredibly powerful storm: 80 mph winds; lighting like never before; etc. that has left norfolk without electricity. as if that isn't bad enough, the cell phone towers aren't working AND the water here is well water, so requires an electric pump.

annie and vint have a generator that is allowing me to surf the net, email, and such. maybe it is what i needed? some time out of contact with the whole world? i am sure my workers on my house are going to be in a tissy. anyway, it is exciting for sure. at least it isn't hot and we are needing a/c.


Amy G. said...

glad to see you finally made it out my that i'm not there! :)
crazy as it sounds, i kind of miss those storms.

teabelly said...

not norfolk, VA but norfolk, CT...i am in northwestern connecticut...