Monday, 23 June 2008

not going to botswana

i am sure all the readers are waiting on baited breathe for the outcome of this delta disaster... her it is. i wrote to the person in botswana who i was mostly working with and her response was:

Bummer. But there must be a reason. Let's hold off until September. . . . Best regards, ___

so that is that. i am waiting for a cab from the douglas' house to the airport for a triumphant return to dc, minus all my favorite clothes and personal products. but thanks to delta's phone service, there is nothing i can do to ensure that my bag returns to me, UNLESS i go to the baggage people at the airport and file a claim. so all told, this has cost me heaps of money and tons of time to return to my house empty handed, exhausted, and even less likely to fly delta next time.

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