Tuesday, 24 June 2008

nope i still don't have my bags

delta has no idea where they are. one person told me it was in atlanta. someone else told me it was in jo'berg. and then another guy told me it was in gaborone. no one seems to really know. the latest word is that it is in botswana. but you know they are "very sorry for the inconvience" and "really value my choosing to fly with delta, because we know you have a choice". apparently they are "working as fast as they can to have [my] bags returned to [me]." whatev! that ain't happening. i am just spending hours on the phone with people in india.

so i langish in dc with out personal products. all my favorite t-shirts are in the bag. also in the bag: my running shoes and favorite running clothes; my favorite work clothes and work shoes; my garmin watch and heartrate monitor; my swimsuit; my pajamas; and all my good underclothing. lets see what makes it back. super exciting...

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Marco said...

Bummer about the lost bags. Katie, when she was just back from her mish in S.Africa, arrived without her bags, thanks to British Airways. They were also polite and noncommittal, but -- take heart -- in the end (after about 10 days) the bags showed up -- with a mission's worth of memories and souvenirs included.

Next trip, I get to come see the new house!@