Sunday, 22 June 2008

still not in botswana

i really can't believe this. i am sleeping at dianna's parent's house for the night in atlanta. once again, i made my flight in plenty of time and was the perfect little passenger. i did nothing wrong, except decided to fly on delta maybe?

my plane left national airport about an hour late and had to take a detour because of some inclement weather so the fight took longer than possible. i had been upgraded to first class so once we landed in atlanta i was able to bust a move off the plane. i had to get from terminal A to terminal E. the train stalled for one minute, i accidentally went to the wrong gate, and by the time i got to the jo'berg gate, the gate had closed. i did my best to plea but it was too late. i do know that the flight had been oversold (i was told that on the phone when i was trying to get a better seat). i am sure they knew that i was going to be late: it is in their system after all. so they gave my seat to someone else. and when i got up to the next help desk they told me i was already booked on the flight tomorrow.

i almost had them fly me back to dc, but they couldn't. whatever the "weather situation" was between atlanta and dc had caused them to cancel other flights. so i called dianna who called her dad, who was luckily at the airport dropping becky off. so i was able to get out and get a ride to a comfy bed and all the food i could ever want to eat. that was awesome. we got a nice plan for our cambodia 2008 extravaganza worked out.

the question remains: should i stay or should i go? i can't fly back to dc until noon tomorrow. the flight to joberg is at 4. if i go to jo'berg i will miss half of the week of work i was supposed to do there. i am not sure it is worth the expense for me to get there for half the time. the thing is, i can't really do this until september if i don't go now. just because i have all this house stuff going on. i am going to talk to the woman in botswana in charge of this trip and see what she has to say. if she thinks that 3 days is enough then i will just go. i guess i could extend, but that feels even sketchier because of the house. i will have just been gone for so long. arg!

standby a decision will come soon...

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sylvia/ticklethepear said...

I was on the train from the Brussels airport to town with some senior Delta staff and I talked their heads off with complaints. We'll see. Are you going to the meeting in Tz? My colleagues want me to go. Native English speaker privileges.