Wednesday, 17 September 2008

D and K's Cambodia Adventure

dianna's brother alex inspired this next series of photos by serving a mission in cambodia and inviting lots of people to see his final sprint to the finish. never one to let a good trip to southeast asia with the douglas's pass me by, i jumped in. for three weeks. it was a little crazy. here are d and i leaving bright and early from national airport to nyc, to hong kong, to phnom pehn.

why oh why did dianna make so much fun of me for this outfit?

at hong kong airport, after flying 17 billion hours or something. but the good news is, only one stop to go!

dianna looking a little dazed. she watched too much "flight of the conchords" on the plane.

in phnom pehn, modelling the amazing passionfruit juice that we drank for breakfast every morning.

we left phnom pehn immediately for battambang, to find elder douglas.
we stopped along the road to try out these hammocks--a common sight in cambodia. hammocks are the only place the ants can't get you.

teabelly in all white, becky on the right, muckle mcgoo front and center.

thomas douglas, ladykiller.

becky's suitcase went flying off the top of our rented van. it created an international incident, with pills and curlers scattered across the road, and lots of confused khmer.

oh this doesn't even START to show how crowded it was in this car. there was room for 7, and we were 8, but a lot of the douglas' are huge.

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