Tuesday, 23 September 2008

taking my body back: 100 push ups at a time

i am in the process of taking my body back. tis a tough road. dianna coined the phrase last year as l'anne d'amusement kicked off.

just before the raisingdc year i was in pretty good shape. i was training pretty hard for the triathlon season. in fact, the weekend after the girls moved in i won a third place ribbon in a sprint distance tri (it might have more to do with my competition than anything.) but soon there after parenthood made training impossible: actually it made everything else impossible. we ate different because we had to please a teenage pallet and we had to make more food on the same budget. i quite exercising all together. the combo turned me soft: super soft.

dianna and i set out on a quest to take out bodies back, but for some reason that quest is quite elusive. i am still working on it. it is funny how once you get out of the habit of working out, it is really a choir to get back into the swing of things. so... my goal for now is consistancy. i am trying to come up with a daily exercise schedule that is fun and that i will commit to. i haven't quite hit the perfect balance. some things are clear:
  • i must work out with friends the majority of the time -- getting out of the door is the hardest part for me. having a friend that i have to get out the door for really really helps (so friends in dc, this is a call for workout buddies)
  • i need a real regimine. i just do better if i know that every wednesday i swim, etc.
  • some workouts have to be short
so i am still trying to get all this stuff settled, one thing i have discovered is the "one hundred push ups training program". it is pretty fun, not very time consuming, and i think it is making a difference in my upper body strength. hopefully with this program, swimming, and bi-weekly yoga, i will get shape back in my arms and strength back into my core.

if you decide to do the push ups training program, let me know. it will be more fun to have training buddies.


Bumm crew said...

I'm finally recovered from my surgery and need to get back into exercise. This will be fun,count me in!

k8 said...

my sister was doing this and i thought i should try it. maybe i should commit.