Thursday, 18 September 2008

little miss sunshine II, with more people

teabelly's comments are in blue...

kimberly woke up super sick (so sick that when i would throw-up my legs would straighten out) the morning we were supposed to leave battambang. everyone gets sick in cambodia, but somehow she'd gotten a reputation as miss iron stomach, so watching her fall was sweet revenge for one member of the douglas family who shall remain nameless. because she was sick, she got to sit up front. the downside was sitting next to michael, who took great delight in teasing, pushing, poking and crushing her. look at his smile.

one more view of this happy road-tripping pair.

a procession of monks in their saffron robes.

this is the road from battambang to siem reap. it's supposed to be getting paved, and the monsoon season until it's finished is a brutal time to drive. especially if you're sick!

we played this game where you are given a category and have to name 10 things in 10 seconds. here is an actual transcript of one round with kimberly.

"name 10 celebrities."

"brad pitt, angelina jolie, . . . . . dennis rodman," and then time was up.

finally out of the car! here we're jetting thru siem reap in a rainstorm in a tuk-tuk

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