Sunday, 28 September 2008

¿es real?

i know that there are people out there who are really itching to see some photos of my house, and i can promise you that they are coming. i am just not quite ready. but after diane's help this weekend, things are much much closer (thanks diane!) i may have to take some photos tomorrow and get them on here. tho tomorrow is my b-day, so i might be a few days late.

anyway, i am just amazed at this presidential race. i am kinda fatigue from it all. i think we have got to do something to make it possible to shrink the length of these campaigns. in england they have 17 days to elect a P.M. maybe we could got somewhere in the middle like give the country 3 months for the parties to pick their candidate and then 3 mo. for the country to pick a president. it would save SOOOO much money. and maybe even make it less about personality politics and more about personal policy (or something like that?)

anyway, this week was a doozy. mccain "suspending" his campaign to rush back to washington to help with THE bailout. only to not suspend and just skip letterman. then the big question mark about his attendance at the debate. the bailout itself. etc.

of all the stuff from the campaign this week (including the debate) the following videos are the most amazing...

this is the foreign policy highlight from sarah palin's interview with katie couric.

this is tina fey helping us laugh at the silliness...

i have to say, after all of this, i feel me and matt are on the same page.

this is the really long version of the foreign policy interview with the GOP Veep and katie couric...

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