Tuesday, 16 September 2008

strugglin to blog

i keep hoping to get my butt back on this blog, and i keep not doing it. thankfully, dianna has offered to guest blog the trip to cambodia/laos. and maybe even the NYC triathlon.

so my plan is to start from today and dianna will help me with the catch up. of course, i am not sure how this is going to work seeing as how she just got sent to texas for hurricane ike coverage. so listen for the "dianna douglas, NPR news, ??wet??, texas" over the next few days.

as for me. i am unpacking. worrying about the election. feeling frustrated because i have more foriegn policy experience than sarah pallin and i know i am not ready to be the veep, working a bit, getting ready for fall and my birthday, and starting the search for a new roommate.

i am nervous about the new roommate thing. lindsay and i worked out well. and i am hoping i can find someone who will be as cool as she was/is. if you happen to know a woman looking for a place to live in dc who doesn't smoke and will appreciate my house, please send her my way.

i will get photos of the house up either tonight or tomorrow... it is just SO packed still...

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