Monday, 29 September 2008

we few, we happy few, we band of brothers

Alex stopped the car on the way back to phnom penh for us to sample some tarantulas. He'd sent home pictures when he was a missionary of a fried tarantula hanging out of his mouth. Wanting us to try fried tarantulas, he bought a whole bag full from a lady on the side of the road.

mike wanted to make sure this was documented and remembered.

chip just jumped right in. Mom is looking away behind him. But she was talked into trying a leg.

Dad said they tasted like fried crabs.

anyway, with THAT taken care of, it was time to rush rush rush back to Alex's exit interview, final testimony, dinner, and photo shoot with the missionaries. . .

Al's last supper with the mission. Too bad he's sharing it with us wierdos.

Al was an assistant to President Winegar, so this dude has a special place in his heart.

Kimberly wore her Obama '08 shirt to the missionary dinner. The mission president's wife gave her a long and confused stare, but Kimberly was loving it. Here she's dancing on the church's marble floors.

Al in the zone as the final testimony meeting begins.

This senior missionary from New Zealand sang a song with ukelele at the farewell. Chip was embarrassed that I shot these photos.

In his final testimony, Alex quoted a long selection from Henry V's rousing speech before the battle at St. Crispen's day. He was the only missionary that night to quote Shakespeare from memory. But that's what you get when you take Harvard freshmen.

Angie and Kimberly, clearly done with missionary farewell testimony meetings for the night.

In other news, Kimberly really fell hard for Thomas' moves.

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Katharine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!! I wish I was there to go to Sakana with you to celebrate! Love you and wanted to give you a shout out! Miss you tons!