Tuesday, 6 January 2009

dc crime mapping

this is super interesting to me. i can't stop looking stuff up. DC CrimeMap at http://crimemap.dc.gov provides summary information on all "part one" offenses (except sexual assaults and homicides) and provides a mapping function for people to use.

i can't get any of the maps to work, but it might be because i am using a mac.

you can search by ANC, if you don't know which ANC you are in, you can find it here. you can also see all the crime activity in your police district and and your police service area. (if you don't know which PSA or district you are in, the links are provided).

you can ALSO serach within 1500 feet of an address. i did some comparing and contrasting between my old neighborhood, my new neighborhood, and dianna's neighborhood (if a neighborhood is defined by a 1500 ft. radius).

i was interested to see that there were 326 thefts from vehicals in dianna's neighborhood. i wonder if mine counted since the guy didn't get anything, but he did bust my window!

dianna's neighborhood is much more dangerous than mine (like twice as bad). but my old neighborhood is way safer than my current neighborhood. ironically, the only place i have had stuff actually stolen from my house/car is at my old place. so much for statistics huh. (though i would have lost a bundle if the guy who broke into my car in front of dianna's hadn't been caught.)

hopefully i am not jinxing myself.

there is also: http://www.crimereports.com
this is even crazier. you just type in your address and it is a google map with all the crimes in your area highlighted. i am tripping out because i started looking up sex offenders who live near me, and recognized one of the guys. i have to stop doing this or the world is going to get way way way too freaky.

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