Sunday, 4 January 2009

yummy rice: tamaki haiga

this is my new favorite rice.

i didn't even know i had a favorite rice, but now i do. thanks elaine.

i like it because it has 3g of protein per serving and tastes super duper delish! i made sushi out of it on new years day and it was SUPERB!!! it is just a bit nuttier than regular sushi rice.

it is great for all things japanese. i actually used it for a chinese type dish tonight. i think you are still better off with a nice basamati for indian dishes though . . . but if i am making mexican rice, i might be okay just using this stuff. but i am guessing you are better off using a real mexican short grain. mostly because they are yellower and have a more milky type flavor.

here is a blip about haiga (which apparently is so sacred it must be written in all caps) from the company:
"HAIGA" is the word for "rice germ" in Japanese. HAIGA rice is a fully milled kernel of rice, which retains the nutritious rice germ. Under today's sophisticated milling techniques, we at Williams Rice Milling Company are able to remove all the bran from the kernel, yet retain the nutritious rice germ on the kernel. The rice germ in the HAIGA rice is rich in nutrition (Vitamin E, B1, B2, B6, and GABA). so it is said to "carry its own vitamin capsule on its head." Our HAIGA rice tastes similar to white rice and is better than ever before. Our HAIGA rice utilizes the Koshihikari variety of rice, which has become well known for it's high quality characteristics of stickiness, sweetness, and softness of texture."

if you live in the dc metro area, i know you can buy this at grand mart, because that is where i bought it.

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