Thursday, 8 January 2009

tree rebate for DC residents

FYI for DC residents. i am going to get a tree for my front yard tree box!

Plant a Tree in DC and Earn a $50 rebate

Because trees provide extraordinary environmental and community benefits, Casey Trees and the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) have teamed up to offer a rebate of up to $50 to individuals who plant a tree on private property in DC.

Ask your garden center, arborist, or landscaper for right tree, right place selection advice and for planting instructions. And be sure to read our tips for planting your own trees below. One rebate per residential property. Most trees are eligible. Ineligible trees include ash trees and invasive trees such as Norway maple, Bradford pear, sawtooth oak and Siberian elm.

Free Bonus: You will also receive a free Ooze Tube® watering bag for your tree.

1. Purchase your tree.
2. Plant it at a residence in DC.
3. Pledge to water and care for it for a minimum of two years.
4. Mail your signed rebate to the Casey Trees office by May 31, 2009.
5. Receive a $50 rebate check (or the full cost of the tree up to $50)

Click here to view the coupon flyer to print and mail-in

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