Thursday, 15 January 2009

inauguration with the girl scouts

i volunteered to help out with the presidential inaugural committee right after the election. unfortunately, i couldn't just quite my job and work full time for the committee but i did promise to help during the weekend of the inauguration.

i was hoping i would usher at a ball or a dinner or something i could get all dressed up for. OR that i would help the president's family take their seats on the podium and make sure everyone was warm. but no such luck . . .

i will be on 12th st in between madison and the jefferson streets with 25 girl scouts and their leaders. we will be handing out flags to the masses...

they want us there at 4:am.

would you go at 4:am? i am thinking i will tell the scouts to get there at 6 and i will get there at 5:30 and still we will sit around for 6 hours (the ceremony doesn't start until 11:30). i am kinda wondering why i did this?

at our training tonight we did an "ice-breaker". i usually hate those things, but this one was awesome. we said our name and one word we would use to describe how we will feel on tuesday morning. it was awesome. i got super excited. i started taking notes half-way through and tried to remember what everyone said. i found the exercise super inspiring . . . here is the list:

Excited -- lots of voices said this!

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