Thursday, 1 January 2009

welcome to the year of

A W E S O M E ! ! !

i am super excited about this year and its theme.

this is how the year of awesome works. anytime i am faced with a decision, i ask myself, "what is the awesome thing to do?" or some variation of that. some examples:

Q: should i go swimming even though i am COLD and tired?
A: what does an awesome person do? swim

Q: should i work on writing my book or surf the internet?
A: what is more awesome? writing

you get the picture. it can get deeper than that too. about how i react to people, perform at my job, etc. the goal of this year is to be awesome.

the theme came to me about a month ago. dianna wrote me a heartfelt email that only the closest of friends can write. it was what some may call a "come to Jesus" for me. i am not totally sure why, her email was not about any of this and really wasn't even about me. still, as i read it i felt keys turn, doors open, synapses connect. it was really crazy. a true epiphany. i realized that my 2008 had been a super out of balance year. i had not been a person i want to be, i didn't feel the movement of becoming that i like to feel. i was stuck and fixated on a couple of things and held too doggedly to outcomes. (mind you, nothing in dianna's email said anything like this. this was some unintended consequence. still, thanks for writing it d!) at anyrate, i realized i wasn't who i wanted to be, but i felt the power to change and the idea of the year of awesome was born.

so my 2009 is dedicated to me being (and becoming) as awesome as i can. i am going to challenge and push myself in a balanced way.

some of my goals:
  • compete in a half-ironman, OR place in an olympic distance triathlon
  • write my book
  • be more aware of the needs of those around me.
  • honor those i love more.
  • drink more tea (just kidding)
i am super excited about this. i have been having a trial run of the "year of awesome" this last month. it is a motivating mantra that is helping me to stretch a bit more. i am loving it.

if you want to join me in living an awesome 2009, let me know. we can collaborate and support each other.

cheers and welcome to an incredibly awesome 2009.


Keller Clan said...

How Awesome! I have been very excited for the 2009 theme reveal & I just had to get on and find out tonight! It sounds inspiring & I'm going to have to think about leaving my mediocrity behind. At any rate, I'm excited for your new year's goals. love, aimee

Grasshopper said...

count me in. except i want to be super-awesome.
seriously, i feel awesome when i hang out with you. you are an awesome influence in my life and i love you, belly. thanks for being so inspiring.

KamilahNYC said...

Awesome is an awesome theme! I love it. Here's to you and your awesome year! :)

k8 said...

i will totally join you. I had that come to Jesus moment in my HR office today. I want to be more awesome as well.