Monday, 26 January 2009

obama's speech

i have lots of photos and stuff to say about last week. ever since obama became president, i have been SLAMMED at work. super intense, but good. hopefully my head will not be so full and i won't be so sick of my computer that i will upload those photos and tell the stories soon. in the mean time, i suggest taking a gander at this...a graphic representation of obama's speech. it is super cool. you can learn more about how this came to be (and see a bigger version) here. it is the artist's website.


Birdie in DC said...

This is a great drawing. And I know the woman, Brandy Agerbeck, who did this drawing. She did some of her training in graphic facilitation/recording with the head of the company that i worked for in San Francisco.

andi said...

I downloaded this and put it on my kid's bedroom wall. They love it!