Friday, 30 May 2008

end of may garden update

i had 200 photos on my camera and decided to upload them tonight to start blogging. i was so excited when i found these photos. i think i took them about 10 days ago. i can't wait to take some more to demonstrate the amazing growth. now the plants have some flowers and are just MUCH bigger... so dang exciting!!!

some of my wall o' tomatoes
there is also a line of basil planted in front of the tomatoes
and in front of that some beets and carrots and arugula

these are famous tomato plants that vint gave me.
a friend of vint's named simon gave vint the seeds for the simon special
these seeds immigrated from germany to the US with simon's great grandmother
the mangini marvel has a similar history only those seeds came from italy
they are supposedly the most amazing of all tomatoes
i am excited to find out
and then harvest my own seeds

this is zucchini, radish, and nasturtiums

the radish in better view

my peach and plum trees
heather does this look right?

other tomato beds.
these definately are not growning as well as the stuff in the raised beds.
i just don't think that the soil in those beds can be beat.

i will update again soon, because already so much awesomeness is happening!

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