Wednesday, 7 May 2008

faucet delimma

i have to pick new bath/shower faucet. i have found 2 that i like and that will go well with the sink and my 1930's motif. i like one better than the other, but one is $300 cheaper. here are the 2 options. what do you think? i really like the first one better (that is the one that is $300 more). i keep thinking, in the scheme of things $300 ain't much, but then i wonder, if i think that every time i make a decision the project will be super expensive. so anyway, thoughts?



deidra said...

If they both are water conserving (I'm sure they are!) and the construction quality is the same, I'd say to save that $300. It's such a small detail, and one that not many people would see. I'd put that money towards something with a bigger impact.

KamilahNYC said...

It's something that you are going to look at EVERYDAY (give or take a few days) but $300 is a lot (but like you said, not in the whole scheme of things. If it was my money I'd probably buy the cheaper one, if it was someone else's money I'd buy the nicer one.

Abraham said...

Go with the second one. It is way cute. The first one is better, but not $300 better.