Tuesday, 6 May 2008

springing back into action

i have been wanting to blog for a long long time. my lack of blogging is an indication of how i have been burning the midnight oil's candle at both ends. i think i might have pushed myself too far. this week, so far, i have just been exhausted and feeling really crummy. headachey and stomach turmoil. so i am taking some time to just relax and trying to set some better boundries for myself. mostly, not taking on a herculean amount of things. so...i am blogging again.

these are some photos i took from my car as i drove to and fro doing errands for the house. i loved spring, but kinda missed it too. i was out of town a bit and just ├╝ber busy.

spring in dc from the kia

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Amy G. said...

i miss spring in virginia! though i have to say, it's been beautiful here lately. can't complain. welcome back to the blogging world.